Magic Heidi: Saving freelancers from Bexio

Magic Heidi was built specifically for Swiss freelancers who got frustrated by Bexio's complexity and clunkiness


Why freelancers need an alternative to Bexio

Freelancers deserve better

Freelancers don't need the complexity of an accounting app built for larger companies. They need something built for them.

Freelancers need awesome support

Freelancers are humand and want to be treated as such. Their accounting tool should be run by people who are quick to respond to emails and approachable.

Freelancers need software that improves at a fast pace

Unlike SMEs, freelancers can't wait six months for a new feature to be released and need an accounting partner that moves fast.

A little history about Bexio

In the competitive realm of business software, Bexio AG, once a beacon of innovation, has seen better days, particularly for the freelancing community. Initially designed to cater to the broader needs of small to medium-sized enterprises, Bexio's appeal has waned for self-employed professionals seeking agile and bespoke solutions.

With over 70,000 companies in its client roster, Bexio's focus has visibly shifted towards larger entities, leaving freelancers grappling with a platform that feels increasingly cumbersome and disconnected from their unique needs. The software's extensive features, while beneficial for complex business structures, often translate to unnecessary bulk and complexity for the solo professional. This one-size-fits-all approach overlooks the nuanced demands of freelancers who prioritize simplicity, flexibility, and innovation.

The departure of Bexio's founders marked a notable downturn in its pioneering spirit. The stagnation in introducing new, cutting-edge features has only exacerbated the gap between Bexio and the evolving requirements of the freelance market. This shift has prompted a significant portion of the self-employed sector to seek alternatives that align more closely with their dynamic work environment and offer tailor-made functionalities.

For freelancers in today's fast-paced and ever-changing professional landscape, Bexio represents a misalignment with their needs, driving them to explore more innovative and adaptable software solutions. The need for constant evolution in business software has never been more critical, and unfortunately, Bexio's current trajectory seems to be veering away from this path.

Magic Heidi vs Bexio Comparison

Understand the differences between those two accounting and invoicing softwares.

Magic HeidiBexio
Best for freelancersBest for larger companies
Built specifically for freelancers
Affordable pricing
Simple to use
Easy to learnYou don't need a course or expert to teach you how to use Magic Heidi
All the features needed for freelancersWhile Bexio offers more features, many of them are not relevant for self-employed people and just make the experience more frustrating.
Available on all platformsMagic Heidi, unlike Bexio is available on Mac and supports mobile platforms as a standalone product as well
Modern and improving constantlyMagic Heidi was built after 2020 with modern tools and supports new technology such as AI.

What makes Magic Heidi a great Bexio alternative?

Review the key features you need as a freelancer

QR Invoice out of the box

Generate invoices easily and customise at will: adding your logo, VAT, additional text, setting the invoice language, currency and more.

Analytics and revenue dashboard

View revenue per customer, export your data for your tax return and much more.

Automatic expenses scanning

Upload your expenses (receipts, invoices, ..) and let our app identify the value, date and description of the invoice automatically.

Modern and beautiful
Easy to use
Free to try
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