Programmatically generate Swiss QR code invoices

Simple and easy to use API for developers in Switzerland


Complete API with all the required features

Everything needed for a successful implementation

QR-IBAN or normal IBAN

Our API supports both QR IBANs and traditional IBANs

Invoice reference

You can add references to your invoices that will be added to the QR code payslip

All Swiss languages supported

Invoices can be generated in french, german, italian and english.

DALL·E 2024-03-08 10.47.42 - Create a minimalistic and abstract image featuring a stylized QR code seamlessly integrated with traditional IBAN numbers. The image should symbolize .png
Invoice API Test

Invoice API Test

Click the button to send a test request to our API.


Add VAT to invoices with all the supported rates.


Create invoices in Euros is possible as well as the Swiss Franc of course.

Naming pdf file

You can name the pdf file and assign an ID to make the integration with your systems easier.

Invoice date & number

Set the date of the invoice as well as the number

Add a custom logo to the invoice

For better branding and customisation, you can add your own png file as a logo to invoices.

User & customer details

Setting the payment details for the user and for the payer is simple and logic.

Try the API for free

Contact us to get your API key and discover our pricing packages

You can paste this curl command in your terminal to test the api for free

curl --location --request POST '' --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --data-raw '{ "data": { "user_details": { "name": "Nathan", "address": "Rue de la gare 1", "zip": "1000", "city": "Lausanne", "iban": "CH0700700112900411647" }, "customer_details": { "name": "Nathan", "address": "Rue de la gare 1", "zip": "1000", "city": "Lausanne" }, "invoice_items": [ { "description": "Test", "quantity": 1.5, "unit_price": 100.50 } ] } }'

Github Documentation

You can view our documentation below or on Github