Best invoicing software for Swiss gardeners

Available on your phone and computer. To allow you to generate invoices and add expenses at all times.

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Self-employed gardeners

Our app is built specifically for self-employed gardeners. All the features you need and nothing more.

Invoicing and accounting on the GO

A complete tool that meets all your business needs in your pocket. Available throughout the workday.

QR code invoices

Generate modern and compliant invoices with QR code out of the box. No setup required.

Magic Heidi is an invoicing software tailored to meet the unique needs of self-employed gardeners in Switzerland.

Gardeners often work on the go, requiring a tool that is both portable and easy to use. Magic Heidi addresses this by being available on both phones and computers, allowing gardeners to generate invoices and add expenses anytime, anywhere.

Its specialized focus on self-employed gardeners means it offers all the necessary features without unnecessary complexity. It supports modern invoicing needs, like generating QR code invoices, which are compliant and require no setup.

This makes Magic Heidi an essential tool for gardeners who need a simple, efficient, and compliant way to manage their business finances.

Bookkeeping for gardeners

Three key features landscapers and gardeners love about Magic Heidi

AI powered expenses scanning

Snap a picture of your expense and our AI will read it automatically and fill in all the relevant information: description, date, amount. No typing required.

Generate invoices from your phone

Don't wait to be back at the office to invoice customers. Do it simply from your phone.

Review your business anywhere

You can check the state of your business (revenue, profits, ...) from your phone at any point during the day.

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