Match invoices from your bank statements automatically

No need to mark invoices as paid manually anymore

Ideal if you create many invoices

Instead of having to match dozens of invoices manually every month, simply drag and drop your bank statement.

Built to save you time

Let our app match invoices automatically and leave only the unpaid invoices visible.

Smart matching algorithm

Our algorithm compares many variables from your bank statement with the data available in the app to ensure the right invoice is matched.

How does it work?

Simply export your bank statement and drop it into the app.

Export your bank statement (Excel or CSV file)

No need to use the more complex CAMT.053 / 0.54 files required by other competitors. A simple account extract will do.

Drag and drop the file into the app

On your mobile device, you can just share the file with the app. The file will automatically be recognised and invoices checked.

All paid invoices are marked automatically

Once the process is completed, only the unpaid invoices are left. Making it easy for you to identify outstanding invoices.

Ready to get started?

Just drop your bank statement into the app to use it

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