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Magic Heidi is developed by a small team of just two people. Learn more about us on this page.


A "Swiss-made" app

Magic Heidi is developed in Switzerland, for Swiss freelancers.

Here's a little photo of the chalet above Sion from which much of Magic Heidi is developed.

About the team

Magic Heidi is developed by Nathan and Fahad, two engineers who have worked together for several years.

Fahad started programming at a very young age during his free time and masters many programming languages.

Nathan has been working as a freelancer for several years.
After becoming sufficiently frustrated with existing applications, he started to develop his own billing tool.

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Our values

Long lasting businesses

No "growth at all costs" mentality. We're in it for the long run.

100% remote

We work remotely from our favorite coworkings.

Close to our customers

Whether via email or phone, we stay as close as possible to our customers.


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