Swiss invoice example templates from popular invoicing tools

Below, you will find standard invoice templates from different Swiss invoicing providers.


Invoicing is an essential aspect of running a business in Switzerland. To ensure that your invoices are professional, accurate, and compliant with Swiss regulations, utilizing a well-designed template from a reputable invoicing tool can be incredibly helpful. In this article, we will showcase a selection of popular Swiss invoicing templates from various providers. These templates serve as excellent examples of how to structure and format your invoices, making the invoicing process more efficient and streamlined. By exploring these templates, you can gain insights into best practices and choose the one that best suits your business needs.

Magic Heidi

This test invoice is a simple and straightforward document that clearly presents the essential information required for billing purposes. The invoice is designed with a clean layout, making it easy to read and understand.

Invoice Facture_Test Company AG_4-17-2024.png


The invoice from Milkee presents a minimalistic and efficient design, focusing on the essential information needed for the transaction. While sharing some similarities with the Magic Heidi invoice, such as a clear header and itemized services, this invoice has a more compact layout.

Simplified Layout

The Milkee invoice adopts a straightforward layout, presenting the invoice details, itemized services, and payment information in a single, concise table. This streamlined approach differs from the Magic Heidi invoice, which separates these sections.

QR Code Integration

A notable feature of this invoice is the inclusion of a QR code, which likely contains payment information. This modern touch simplifies the payment process for the recipient.

Payment Slip

The invoice includes a detachable payment slip at the bottom, providing a convenient way for the recipient to process the payment.

Rechnung_240001 milkee.png

The invoice from Infinity Swiss showcases a visually appealing and professional design, focusing on delivering a clear and detailed breakdown of the services provided. This invoice stands out from the previous examples with its modern layout and comprehensive project description.

Visually Engaging Layout

The Infinity invoice features a clean, contemporary design with an attractive color scheme and clear typography. The layout is well-organized, making it easy to navigate and understand the content.

Detailed Service Description

Unlike the previous invoices, this one includes an extensive description of the services provided, such as the design and implementation of a modern website, user experience optimization, content management system integration, and more. This level of detail ensures that the client has a thorough understanding of the work performed.

Payment Terms

The invoice clearly states the payment terms, specifying that payment is due within 30 days of the invoice date. This information is prominently displayed, ensuring that the client is aware of their payment obligations.

Professional Sign-Off

The invoice concludes with a friendly sign-off from the Test AG team, adding a personal touch and reinforcing the professional relationship between the service provider and the client.

Rechnung Moderne neue Webseite.png


The invoice from Test AG, created using bexio, presents a straightforward and professional design. It includes all the essential information required for billing purposes, such as client details, itemized services, and payment terms.

Clear and Concise Layout

The invoice has a clean and organized layout, making it easy for the client to quickly find relevant information, such as the invoice number, date, and total amount due.

Itemized Services

The invoice includes a table that lists the provided services, along with the quantity, unit price, and total price for each item. This breakdown ensures transparency and allows the client to understand the charges.

Tax and Payment Details

The invoice clearly states the applicable tax rate (TVA) and includes it in the total amount due. It also specifies the payment due date and provides contact information for any questions or concerns.

bexio invoice example.png


The invoice from Smallinvoice showcases a clean, professional design that prioritizes clarity and ease of understanding. This invoice differs from the previous examples in its layout and the inclusion of additional details.

Personal Branding

Unlike the company-focused invoices from Magic Heidi and Milkee, this invoice prominently features the individual's name and contact information, giving it a more personalized touch.

Detailed Breakdown

The invoice provides a comprehensive breakdown of the charges, including separate sections for consulting and product expenses. This level of detail ensures transparency and allows the recipient to understand the various components of the total amount due.

Tax Inclusion

The invoice clearly states the applicable tax rate (MWST) and includes it in the calculation of the total amount.

Branded Footer

The footer of the invoice includes a logo and a tagline, "Invoicing the convenient way".