A dream come true for Swiss freelancers

Invoicing. Expensing. Accounting. All-in-one toolbox for the Swiss self-employed. Nothing more.

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Try it out for free

You can try all features out for free.

Specifically for Switzerland

Swiss-specific features like QR-code invoices and Swiss VAT rates.

Specifically for freelancers

Not SME's. Not startups. For freelancers only.


Your first invoice in 30 seconds

The simplest and the best. The first app you don't need to learn how to use.

Automatically generated QR code

A QR code that is automatically associated with your IBAN.

Professional invoices

A professional and simple invoice that adheres to all legal and fiscal Swiss standards.

Ideal for freelancers

Products, services, ... Everything can be sold thanks to our flexible interface.

Free trial

Complete overview of your business

Track revenue and expenses simply

Revenue per customer

Understand who are your best customers and how much you earned.

Monthly overview

Track your revenue and expenses on a month-per-month basis.

Prepare your tax return

Your data can be easily exported and submitted with your tax return. You also get an estimate of your tax bill for the year.


Core features for freelancers

Everything that a self-employed needs

Customise your invoice

Add your own logo, insert additional texts and more.

Mark an invoice as paid

You can simply "swipe" on an invoice to have it marked as paid.

Add VAT to your invoices

You can simply add VAT (at the relevant rate) to any invoice.

Keep track of your expenses

Upload and view your business expenses in one place

Add files, images & descriptions

To make it easy to monitor and remember what each expense was.

Synced between your phone and computer

Based on your needs, expenses can be added from your phone or computer and will sync across platforms.

Monitor your profits

Get a live estimate of your tax bill thanks to our profits calculator.

Expenses -- Edit.png

Smart accounting

AI powered features to make your life even simpler (coming in 2024)

Automatic expenses scanning

No need to enter information manually, our AI will fill your expenses information for you.

Smart search

Search through your clients, expenses and invoices with our AI search.

Tips and tricks

Tutorials and nudges within the app to show you power-user features.

Beautiful on purpose

Managing your business' finances deserves to be a marvellous experience

Simple and complete.

By focusing on one-person businesses, we were able to simplify the accounting experience.

Customise, edit, delete.

The data is yours. Access and manage your account as you wish.

Lightweight. Only what you need.

Only the features you need. No unnecessary extras that would make your experience less enjoyable.

Banking Detailts -- Filled.png

Being self-employed is hard enough.

Install Magic Heidi. Available on iPhone, Android, Mac and the web.

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