AI powered expenses scanning

Don't worry about data entry for your accounting anymore.

Powered by GPT-4 and AWS

Our smart AI features are provided by best in class artificial intelligence infrastructure providers.

Helpful and effortless

No skills are needed to use our AI expense scanner. Just drop a file and your job is done.

Configured specifically for Swiss freelancers

The currency is automatically converted to Swiss Francs and the generated description clear and precise.

What data does the AI prefill?

Our AI will look at your expense and automatically extract the following data

A complete description of the expense

A clear description that will allow you to remember what this expense what about.

The date of the expense

The precise date the expense was created, allowing you to match it with your banking records.

The cost of the expense

The full cost of the expense, including VAT and currency exchange rate if the expense was in another currency than CHF.

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Ready to get started?

Just drop a PDF or image into the app to use it