Top 10 Digital Fiduciaries in Geneva: Revolutionizing Accounting for Modern Businesses

Discover the best accounting providers in Geneva who went all in on digitalisation and offer their service fully online.


In a world where technology is transforming every industry, fiduciaries are no exception. In Geneva, the economic heart of Switzerland, a new trend is emerging: digital fiduciaries. But what exactly is a digital fiduciary and how does it differ from a traditional one?

Before diving into the subject, let's briefly recall the role of a fiduciary in Switzerland. A fiduciary is a company that provides accounting, tax, and management services to other businesses or individuals. It is responsible for bookkeeping, preparing balance sheets and income statements, managing payroll and tax returns. In short, the fiduciary is a key partner for the sound financial and administrative management of a company.

The emergence of digital fiduciaries in Geneva marks a major evolution in this traditional sector. Thanks to technology, these new fiduciaries offer innovative services that are more efficient and accessible. In this article, we propose to explore in detail this concept of digital fiduciary. We will compare this new approach with the traditional model, then present the main digital fiduciaries active in Geneva. You will discover their specificities, their services, and how they are revolutionizing the fiduciary profession. Ready to enter the digital era of accounting?

What is a Digital Fiduciary?

A digital fiduciary is first and foremost a fiduciary, i.e., a company that provides accounting and tax services. But it stands out by its strong integration of technological tools and its desire to digitize as many processes as possible.

Where a traditional fiduciary still works a lot with paper documents and physical exchanges, the digital fiduciary relies entirely on digital. Online platforms, state-of-the-art accounting software, electronic signatures, cloud storage... Technology is at the heart of its model.

This digitalization brings many advantages, both for the fiduciary and for its clients. First, it allows to automate many repetitive and time-consuming tasks, such as invoice entry or document filing. This frees up time for higher value-added activities, such as consulting and financial analysis.

Secondly, digitalization offers greater transparency and easier access to information. Thanks to online platforms, clients can consult their accounting data in real time, from anywhere and at any time. Gone are the days when you had to wait for an appointment with your accountant to have a view of your company's financial health.

The digital fiduciary also promises a more flexible and personalized service. With tools like videoconferencing, it becomes easy to organize remote meetings, without geographical constraints. And thanks to automation, the fiduciary can offer tailor-made services, adapted to the specific needs of each client.

Of course, becoming a digital fiduciary doesn't happen overnight. It involves significant investments in IT tools, but also in team training. Because beyond technology, it's a whole corporate culture that needs to evolve, to move from a traditional model to a resolutely innovative approach.

But the benefits are there, and they are already visible. Digital fiduciaries are experiencing rapid growth, attracting more and more clients who are attracted by this new way of managing their accounting. And in a city like Geneva, where competition is fierce, digitalization appears as a way to stand out and offer a truly new service.

So, what does a digital fiduciary in Geneva actually look like? That's what we're going to find out in the rest of this article, as we introduce you to the main players in this booming market.

Presentation of the Main Digital Fiduciaries in Geneva


Let's start our overview with STSFID Geneva, a digital fiduciary that defines itself as "your local fiduciary". Based on Chantepoulet Street in Geneva, this company focuses on a modern and innovative approach to accounting.

Its credo? "Solutions Technologies Satisfaction". Indeed, STSFID offers tailor-made support, based on cutting-edge digital tools. Among its flagship services are bookkeeping, HR and payroll management, as well as tax advice. All of this is accessible in real time thanks to an intuitive online platform.

STSFID also stands out for its commitment to young companies. It offers packages specially designed for startups, with personalized support to get their business off to a good start.

To find out more: or by phone at +41 22 566 02 42.


Let's continue with Synergix, another key player in the Geneva digital fiduciary landscape. With offices on Neuchâtel Street in Geneva and Gare Street in Nyon, Synergix positions itself as a partner of choice for companies of all sizes.

Its philosophy? Combining traditional expertise with cutting-edge technology to offer an excellent service. Synergix offers a complete range of services: accounting, administrative management, HR and payroll, corporate finance... All orchestrated by its team of experts and viewable in real time on its digital platform.

A strong point of Synergix is its experience in supporting NGOs and multinationals. The fiduciary has developed a sharp expertise to meet the specific needs of these complex structures.

To contact Synergix: or or +41 22 552 58 00.

Cogefin SA

Change of atmosphere with Cogefin SA, a digital fiduciary that focuses on proximity and human relationships. Located on Tivoli Avenue in Fribourg, Cogefin SA is attentive to entrepreneurs and their needs.

Its approach? Combining the best of human and technology to simplify the life of companies. Cogefin SA thus offers a personalized follow-up, with a dedicated contact person, while relying on powerful digital tools. On the menu: accounting, taxation, payroll management, but also advice and support in business creation.

Cogefin SA stands out for its local commitment. The fiduciary sponsors many events and associations in the Fribourg region, thus contributing to the dynamism of the local economic fabric.

You can reach Cogefin SA at 026 539 19 99 or

Level UP Management

Direction Geneva with Level UP Management, a digital fiduciary resolutely turned towards the future. Located at Place Cornavin, in the heart of the city, Level UP Management offers an innovative approach to accounting.

Its promise? To free entrepreneurs from administrative tasks thanks to the power of digital. Level UP Management has developed its own application, allowing its clients to manage their accounting in a simple and intuitive way. No more paperwork, make way for online entry and real-time monitoring!

But Level UP Management is also a team of accounting and tax experts, always available to advise and support clients. The fiduciary offers packages adapted to each company profile, from the small independent to the growing SME.

You can contact Level UP Management at +41 22 731 18 32 or via their website

Fiduciaire Acctive

We stay in Geneva with Fiduciaire Acctive, another major player in digital accounting. Located in the heart of the city, Acctive positions itself as "your local digital fiduciary".

Its objective? To simplify as much as possible the accounting and administrative management of companies thanks to innovative tools. Acctive offers a mobile application allowing to photograph invoices and send them directly to accounting. No more binders and paperwork, everything is dematerialized!

But digitalization is not done at the expense of support. Each Acctive client benefits from a dedicated team, available to answer all questions. The fiduciary also offers personalized dashboards, for real-time monitoring of its activity.

To find out more: or


Let's change the tone a bit with Experia, a digital fiduciary that defines itself as "your digital 2.0 firm". Based on Rosemont Avenue in Geneva, Experia focuses on a resolutely technological approach to accounting.

Its credo? Putting the power of data at the service of business performance. Thanks to its cutting-edge digital tools, Experia allows its clients to have a clear and real-time vision of their financial situation. Interactive dashboards, key performance indicators, predictive analysis... Everything is done to help entrepreneurs make the best decisions.

But Experia is also a network of multidisciplinary experts, including accountants of course, but also tax specialists, auditors, business lawyers... Enough to offer 360° support to companies, from startups to multinationals.

To contact Experia: +41 22 552 52 30 or

Fiduciaire Ecom & Fi

We stay in innovation with Fiduciaire Ecom & Fi, which presents itself as "a digital and future-oriented fiduciary". Located on Chantepoulet Street in Geneva, Ecom & Fi offers a resolutely modern approach to accounting.

Its objective? To offer companies and self-employed individuals simplified and digitized management of their accounting. Thanks to its online platform, Ecom & Fi allows its clients to access all their accounting documents and data in just a few clicks, from any device. No more piling up binders, make way for Accounting 2.0!

But Ecom & Fi is also experts at your service. The fiduciary offers personalized support, with tailor-made advice on taxation, management or business law. All with a desire for pedagogy and transparency.

To reach Ecom & Fi: +41 76 675 71 89 or or


Let's continue our overview with Fidulex, a fiduciary that claims to be "digital" and "human-sized". Located in the heart of Geneva, Fidulex offers a hybrid approach to accounting, combining traditional expertise and innovative tools.

Its philosophy? To offer local support while relying on the power of digital. Fidulex has developed its own online platform, allowing its clients to follow their accounting in real time and easily exchange with their accounting experts. But the fiduciary also maintains close contact with its clients, with regular meetings to take stock.

Fidulex stands out for its expertise in international taxation. The fiduciary supports many foreign companies in their establishment in Geneva, helping them navigate the intricacies of Swiss regulations.

To contact Fidulex, go to

Tax Services

Let's end this overview with Tax Services, a digital fiduciary specialized in tax optimization. Based in Geneva, Tax Services offers accounting and tax services adapted to each profile: individuals, self-employed, expats, students...

Its credo? Using technology to simplify tax procedures as much as possible. Tax Services has developed online tools allowing its clients to easily enter their data and documents. The fiduciary then takes care of everything: tax calculation, filling out returns, sending to administrations... The client only has to validate!

But Tax Services is also a team of seasoned tax specialists, always on the lookout for the latest optimization opportunities. The fiduciary offers personalized advice to help everyone pay the right tax, no more, no less.

To find out more: or or +41 22 548 17 99.

AX Fiduciaire

Let's conclude with AX Fiduciaire, a company that combines traditional expertise with cutting-edge technologies. Located on Saint-Léger Street in Geneva, AX Fiduciaire offers a complete range of services: accounting, taxation, payroll management, legal advice...

Its approach? To offer tailor-made support by relying on the best digital tools. AX Fiduciaire has developed a collaborative platform allowing its clients to follow their situation in real time and easily exchange with their accounting experts. But the fiduciary also maintains a close relationship, with regular meetings and personalized advice.

AX Fiduciaire stands out for its expertise in supporting business creators. The fiduciary offers "startup" packages including all legal and administrative procedures, from the business plan to incorporation and fundraising.

To contact AX Fiduciaire: +41 22 566 84 21 or


At the end of this overview of the main digital fiduciaries in Geneva, a few observations can be made.

First of all, we notice that all these companies, despite their specificities, share the same desire: to modernize and simplify accounting thanks to digital tools. Collaborative platforms, mobile applications, task automation... Each in its own way, they are reinventing the fiduciary profession by bringing it fully into the digital era.

Secondly, we can see that this digitalization is not done at the expense of the human touch, on the contrary. All these fiduciaries put forward proximity and personalized support as key values. Technology is seen as a means to free up time to focus on what really matters: client advice and follow-up.

Another common point: the desire to adapt to all company profiles. From the young startup to the multinational, including the self-employed worker, everyone seems to be able to find an offer adapted to their needs and budget. This flexibility is made possible by digitalization, which allows for easy modulation of services.

So, how to choose among all these digital fiduciaries? It depends, of course, on everyone's needs and preferences. Some will favor geographical proximity, others sectoral expertise, others price... But one thing is certain: by turning to a digital fiduciary, companies are choosing modernity and efficiency. A choice resolutely turned towards the future.

Because that is the main lesson of this overview: digital fiduciaries are not just a passing fad, but the future of the profession. With the growing digitalization of the economy, companies' expectations are evolving, and fiduciaries must adapt. Those who can take advantage of new technologies while cultivating their human added value will be the big winners of this revolution.


Throughout this article, we have explored the fascinating world of digital fiduciaries in Geneva. We discovered how these innovative companies are reinventing the fiduciary profession by leveraging new technologies. Collaborative platforms, mobile applications, automation... They are bringing accounting into a new era, simpler, more transparent, and more efficient.

But we have also seen that this digital revolution is not happening at the expense of the human touch. On the contrary, it allows fiduciaries to refocus on their core business: support and advice. By freeing teams from time-consuming and repetitive tasks, digitalization allows them to fully dedicate themselves to the client relationship.

In Geneva, companies have the chance to be able to count on a dynamic and innovative ecosystem of digital fiduciaries. Whether they are startups, SMEs or large groups, all can find an offer adapted to their needs and budget. With players like STSFID, Synergix, Cogefin SA, Level UP Management, Fiduciaire Acctive, Experia, Fiduciaire Ecom & Fi, Fidulex, Tax Services or AX Fiduciaire, the choice is not lacking!

So, if you are an entrepreneur in Geneva, don't hesitate any longer: take the step towards digitalization by entrusting your accounting to one of these innovative fiduciaries. You will gain in efficiency, serenity and visibility on your activity. Enough to focus on what really matters: the development of your company.

Because that's what's at stake: in a world where competition is getting tougher, where challenges are getting more complex, companies more than ever need to be supported and advised. By choosing a digital fiduciary, they give themselves the means to face the future with serenity and agility. A strategic decision, not to say a visionary one.

So, are you ready to take the plunge? The future of your accounting is perhaps just a click away... And what if it was the beginning of a new era for your company?