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Easy and practical for the Swiss freelancer.

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Free billing

The first invoices can be created free of charge to test the application.

Swiss standards

A billing system adapted to Swiss standards.

Tailored to the needs of the self-employed

Specially designed for the Swiss independent.


Invoice in 30 seconds

The simplest application for creating invoices.

Automatically generated QR code

A QR code connected to your business bank account, directly on the invoice.

Professional billing

Professional invoice format that meets all Swiss standards.

Ideal for the Swiss freelancer

Products, services, ... Everything can be billed with Magic Heidi.

Free trial

A complete view over your business

Our Analytics page

Income per customer

Analyze who your best customers are with our customer list sorted by revenue.

Monthly income

Use our graph to visualize your income month by month.

Total income

Understand how much your business has earned in the current year.

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Main features

Invoice generation

The invoice is generated in PDF format and can be exported with a single click.

Marking a paid invoice

Use our "swipe" feature to mark an invoice as paid.

VAT management

Add the correct VAT to your invoice according to the type of product sold

And much more...

Features to come in fall of 2023

Tax return

Magic Heidi generates attachments for your tax return automatically.

Expense management

Take a snapshot of your expenses and manage your business expenses at the click of a button.

Magic Heidi PRO

Our premium offering


Ideal for freelancers just starting out

CHF 0/year
  • Limited number of invoices
  • Limited customers


Toolbox for Swiss professionals

CHF 97/year
  • Unlimited billing
  • Unlimited customers
  • Analytics
  • Invoice personalization
  • VAT management
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